PGMES Projects

Here are some of our past projects over the years.


Drum Workshop: The PGMES partenered with the PGMCA, and our Metis youth, together we made drums from Elk hide. Leonard Frazer was the Facilitator, he also taught us how to make Birch Bark Canoes. It was alot of work, but it was fun learning these traditional Crafts. For more information on Drum Workshops contact: Leonard Frazer at:

Moccasin Makers Workshop: The PGMES and Kikino Children & Family Services, together held a series of Moccasin Making sessions. Elders, Youth and young famillies together learned the art of making moccasins. Each particpant got to make one pair of moccasins. This was a really fun activity and this is something the Prince George Métis Elders Society would like to continue doing. We would like to thank the Prince George Community Foundation for supporting this project. Merci!!!

2010 - 2011

Reconnecting to our Ancestors Workshop: This workshop consisted of three parts: Storytelling and Genealogy, Traditional Métis Beadwork, and Caribou Tufting. This program was held up at UNBC, The PGMES got to share these unique teaching with other Elders and young women from our Prince George Community.

Meechowin Program: This program is targeting Elders who live in and below the poverty line. *Must be a PGMES member to qualify for this program. A hamper program designed to aid our Métis elders with healthy food and nutritional packs. Program start date: September 2012



Train the Trainer Workshop: Learn the proper protocol when being guests in schools.

Money Matters Workshop: Money management basics that help you build a budget that work.



Métis Activity & Story book: This book is filled with various crafts, activities and stories from our Elders and their grandchildren.

Métis Cookbook: This cookbook is filled with recipes from our kitchen to yours, included is some traditional métis dishes and wild game recipes.

Website: It was important for the Prince George Métis Elders Society to get online. It a greener way to keep our members up to date and getting them familiar with using the computers and surfing the internet.


Capote Making Workshop: Susan Lagrove (Workshop facilitator) taught our Elders how to make a traditional Capote, out of a Hudson's Bay Blanket. The Elders enjoyed this three-day workshop. It was a little labor intensive but well worth it. The Capote is an important part of Métis History.

Métis Historical Calendar: A calendar that had many important dates through out Métis history. Each month had a particular theme and was beautifully designed.

Resource Directory: A directory source that consisted of various services for our Elders, from emergency numbers, community services, financial information for seniors, government, legal, transportation and much more.